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ABTI Learning is an e-learning platform that offers training and development programs to individuals, businesses, and organisations. This case study will examine how ABTI Learning used Facebook advertising to improve its website traffic and reach.

ABTI Learning


ABTI Learning’s primary objective was to increase its website traffic and reach. The platform had already invested in search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing to attract organic traffic, but the results were not sufficient to meet its growth targets. The platform, therefore, decided to explore Facebook advertising to attract more visitors to its website.


ABTI Learning was struggling to gain traffic to their website despite having great courses and certifications on offer. The main issue was that their target audience was not aware of their services, and as a result, the website was not getting enough traffic. 


ABTI Learning’s Facebook advertising strategy was focused on targeting specific audiences based on their interests, behaviour, and demographics.

  • The platform used Facebook’s ad targeting tools to create custom audiences for each of its courses and services.
  • ABTI Learning also used a mix of ad formats, including video ads, carousel ads, and single image ads, to showcase its courses and services. 
  • The platform also used Facebook’s retargeting feature to show ads to users who had visited its website but did not sign up for a course.


ABTI Learning’s Facebook advertising campaigns generated significant results for the platform, helping it to improve its website traffic and reach.

ABTI Learning result

Over the course of the campaigns, ABTI Learning achieved the following results:

  • A 50% increase in website traffic
  • A 30% increase in course sign-ups
  • A 20% decrease in cost per click
  • A 40% decrease in cost per acquisition

The campaigns also helped ABTI Learning to reach a wider audience, with the platform’s Facebook page gaining over 10,000 new followers during the campaign period.

ABTI Learning result 0.1


ABTI Learning’s Facebook advertising campaigns were successful in improving its website traffic and reach. The campaigns were focused on targeting specific audiences based on their interests, behaviour, and demographics, and used a mix of ad formats to showcase the platform’s courses and services.

  • By identifying the target audience
  • Creating engaging ad content
  • Setting up Facebook ads.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the ads

Abtilearning was able to achieve its goal of increasing website traffic and reaching a wider audience.

The results achieved by ABTI Learning demonstrate the effectiveness of Facebook advertising in reaching and engaging with audiences. As the demand for e-learning continues to grow, platforms like ABTI Learning are well-positioned to leverage Facebook advertising to attract new learners and expand their services.

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