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Florida Resort Realty


Florida Resort Realty is a real estate firm specializing in resort properties in Florida. The firm needed an enhanced online presence to attract and engage potential buyers and sellers. Their primary requirements included integrating MLS listings seamlessly, customizing the website’s aesthetic to align with their brand, and implementing a robust lead capture system.

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1. MLS Integration: The primary challenge was to integrate IDX Broker with Stellar MLS to display up-to-date property listings on the website.
2. Website Customization: Ensuring the website’s design reflected the brand’s luxury and professional image, including layout, color theme, and fonts.
3. Lead Management: Capturing leads effectively through website forms and integrating these forms with Zoho CRM for streamlined lead management.

Solutions Implemented

1. IDX Integration:
  • IDX Broker Setup: Integrated IDX Broker with Stellar MLS. This involved configuring IDX Broker to fetch listings from Stellar MLS.
  • JavaScript Embeds: Utilized IDX Broker’s JavaScript embed codes to display listings on the home page and specific location pages. This ensured real-time updates and a seamless user experience.
Listing service
2. Website Customization:
  • Page Layouts: Designed and implemented new page layouts that are visually
  • Color Theme and Fonts: Selected a sophisticated color palette and fonts that matched the brand’s image of luxury and professionalism. Applied these consistently across all pages for a cohesive look.
  • New Pages: Created additional pages to highlight various resort locations, services offered, and client testimonials. These pages were designed to provide comprehensive information and enhance SEO.
3. Lead Capture and Integration with Zoho CRM:
  • Form Creation: Developed custom forms on the WordPress site to capture lead information such as name, email, phone number, and property preferences.
  • Zoho CRM Integration: Integrated these forms with Zoho CRM’s leads module. This automation ensured that every lead captured through the website was directly funneled into Zoho CRM, facilitating prompt follow-up and efficient lead management
Gravity Forms


1. Enhanced User Experience: The new website design and layout improvements resulted in a more engaging and user-friendly experience, leading to increased time spent on site and lower bounce rates.
2. Real-Time MLS Listings: The seamless integration with IDX Broker ensured that property listings were always up-to-date, providing users with accurate information and improving trust.
3. Improved Lead Capture: The integration with Zoho CRM streamlined the lead management process, resulting in quicker response times and better lead nurturing. This led to a 30% increase in lead conversion rates.
4. Brand Consistency: The custom color themes and fonts reinforced brand identity, making the website instantly recognizable and more professional.


The project successfully transformed Florida Resort Realty’s online presence by integrating real-time MLS listings, customizing the website to reflect the brand’s identity, and implementing an efficient lead capture system. These enhancements not only improved the user experience but also streamlined internal processes, ultimately driving business growth.

By leveraging the combined power of WordPress, IDX Broker, Stellar MLS, and Zoho CRM, Florida Resort Realty now stands out in the competitive real estate market, offering a seamless, professional, and engaging online experience for their clients.

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