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Streamlining Recruitment Process for HRDC through Zoho CRM


HRDC, a leading recruitment agency, sought to enhance their recruitment process by integrating various functions into a single, cohesive system. To achieve this, we implemented Zoho CRM and integrated it with Zoom, providing a robust platform to manage clients, job openings, candidate applications, and background checks efficiently.

Streamlining Recruitment Process for HRDC through Zoho CRM

Implementation Overview

User Setup and Zoom Integration

We began by setting up Zoho CRM user accounts for the team, ensuring that each user had the appropriate permissions and access levels based on their roles. Zoom was integrated with Zoho CRM to facilitate seamless scheduling and conducting of virtual interviews and meetings directly from the CRM interface.

Custom Modules Created

To cater to client’s specific needs, we developed several custom modules within Zoho CRM:

1. Clients Module

    Purpose: To store and manage information about client companies.
  • Details: This module includes detailed records of each client, covering contact information, company details, and interaction history.

2. Open Jobs Module

  • Purpose: To track current job openings offered by clients.
  • Details: Contains job descriptions, requirements, and other relevant details for each open position, allowing for easy management and tracking.

3. Applied Jobs Module

  • Purpose: To manage information about candidates applying for open jobs.
  • Details: Records candidate details, application statuses, and other pertinent information, ensuring comprehensive tracking of all job applications.

4. Agencies Module

  • Purpose: To maintain records of collaborating recruitment agencies.
  • Details: Stores information about various agencies, including their contact details and performance metrics, facilitating better collaboration and management.

5. Cases Module

  • Purpose: To handle the follow-up process post job application.
  • Details: Upon creating an applied job, a case is automatically generated in this module. These cases are assigned to users who manage subsequent processes such as interview scheduling, conducting interviews, sending offer mails, etc.

BGC Module

    • Purpose: To facilitate the background check process.
    • Details: Records in this module are created from submissions made through a Zoho Form embedded on the Shopify site [Verified360](https://verified360.org/). This form collects necessary information for conducting background checks.

Benefits Realized

The implementation of Zoho CRM with these custom modules has provided with several significant benefits: – Enhanced Organization: Centralization of all relevant data has made it easier for the team to manage and access information. – Improved Efficiency: Automated case creation and assignment streamline the follow-up process, reducing manual workload. – Seamless Virtual Integration: Zoom integration allows for quick scheduling and conducting of virtual interviews directly from the CRM, enhancing convenience. – Comprehensive Tracking: Detailed modules enable precise tracking of clients, job openings, applications, and background checks. – User-Friendly Interface: The team finds the CRM easy to navigate, which has improved overall productivity. By leveraging the capabilities of Zoho CRM, has significantly improved their recruitment management process, ensuring a more organized, efficient, and effective workflow. This transformation has positioned [Client Name] to better meet the demands of their clients and candidates alike.

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